Pedal to the Metal- Meet Moksha Jetley

Enroute Leh

As part of our series- ‘Inspiring Travellers’, we talk about individuals who travel for a living, support the less fortunate and never succumb in the face of challenge.

In this writeup we pay homage to a rider  who has not only survived but thrived, facing all odds life has to throw at her, only to adorn the mantle of who she is today- The  Queen of Biking in the Northern Himalayas. This is her story! Read on..Inspire yourselves.


For a person hailing from a conservative Indian family of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, she has come a long way. Her first meeting with the magical two wheeler happened when she was 16 and rode the famous ‘Java’. At an age  when people are planning for retirement, she had  different and interesting plans. She was 46 when she took her first riding trip from Manali to Leh. From being a single mother to a leader on the beautiful yet unforgiving Himalayan terrain, she has shaped her life (and of those around her) exercising her passion for biking.

And she continues to amaze everyone at the age of 54. Moksha will be riding Solo from Leh to Kanyakumari in October’17 on a campaign themed Daughters are Precious to  raise funds and awareness of the importance of education for the girl child. Partnered with Project NanhiKali, the proceedings collected will help them in providing education to 100 girls. Turning 55 this year, she finishes the ride on her birthday, 18th October and she turns 55 and younger!

Keeping a larger goal in mind, she’s continues to help families seek out their livelihood along the routes.

Then and Now- The moment of Reckoning 

After a slew of jobs,- a chauffeur, a restaurant manager , she finally anchored herself as a warden of  The  Army Public School- Dagshai . She made sure her daughter, Prachi , received education in the same institution. In the meantime on the personal front Moksha  completed a mountaineering course and by the time her daughter had passed out in 2004 , armed with her new skill, she  moved to Kathmandu to pursue a new opportunity.

A moment of reckoning for Moksha was when she met, Connie, an american biker who was touring India in 2007.Her imagination turned real as she witnessed this 40 year old expat biker living her dream. Moksha was so inspired that  she set out on a solo recce from Manali-Leh. She founded her own venture Back  N Beyond in 2009- a motorcycle touring company. After this there was no looking back.


What you sow ,you reap- The fruit of labor 

Moksha set out on a challenge that would make her  recipient  of  The Limca Book of records for the fastest bike ride between Manali and Leh, she covered a gruelling distance of 420 kms  in 20 . 20 hours and established herself as the first women biker in to achieve this feat. She plans to better her own record soon!

She went on to champion the cause of the girl child through her tours. Supported  families in the high lands of Leh where opportunity is a lesser friend and adversity is a norm for every day existence.

Fighting for a cause -Turning emotion to Action

Moksha rides from Leh – Kanyakumari (2nd – 18th October)  to empower the girl child through education. The sole purpose of this ride is to raise funds for  providing 1 year of basic education to 100 girl’s. Covering a gruelling 4500 kms  in 17 days , she says and I quote  – “A woman is the most beautiful creation of God. She is so strong that she can manage her life independently. She doesn’t need a man as a husband or son for support. I am proud to be a woman and a mother too. Another point I want to drive home is that age is just a number. It is never too late to follow your heart. Keep exploring, learning and growing.”

Daughter’s are Precious-Support the Campaign

 We are raising funds to support primary education for 100 girl children for 1 year. Apart from reaching out to sponsors, we have been able to raise RS. 1.20 Lakhs INR through crowd funding to support this campaign and look forward to your contribution to take this to a home-run of Rs. 3.00 Lakhs INR. Any value of  contribution is Welcome.  Its as easy as clicking the link below.                                                                                                                          




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