Hampi | A backpackers paradise and a pilgrims delight

Hampi- Landscape-View

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In this section we cover the essence of a place and what it has to offer~ This post features Hampi as a destination and how do you indulge in your perspective of this experience

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Beautiful temples, ruins of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings… the list is practically endless. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise, the same way a pilgrim’s delight.

One of the many temple complexes
One of the many temple complexes


 A UNESCO world heritage site,Hampi lies on the banks of Tungabhadra river in the state of Karnataka. The village is divided in two island parts by the locals~ one they christened  temple side and the other the hippie side of the island.  I was curious to check out~ the other side

After romancing this frame of the elephant and his mahout ,i left for the ferry crossing.

Elephant with his mahout
Elephant with his mahout


In Hampi every turn is a surprise, every monument has a story to tell, we just need to know how to listen.

After 2 weeks of ( Recce + Leisure) , this is what a visit to Hampi has in store for you.

History and Mythology~


The Entrance for the Monolithic Ganesha
The Entrance for the Monolithic Ganesha

From a cluster of tiny hamlets to the capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire and back to where it all began, a group of villages ~ this journey of a place makes for a interesting dwelling into its past and how it has influenced the present. Throw in a mix of mythology like the – Kishkinda Kingdom- the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and it makes for a  interesting script.

One of the many temple complex's
One of the many temple complex’s

Backpacker Travel~

Hampi Hippie Trails
Trip Trails

Camp, trip,hike,trek ~this place is a absolute delight for the backpacker.  The beautiful ruins, rustic landscapes, vast stretches of hills strewn with boulders, secret hides, ancient market streets, the local food, and the in-expensive stay make Hampi a backpacker’s paradise.

For the Family ~

The Monolithic Ganesha
Monolithic Ganesha

For families there is no better introduction to history and culture than a trip to Hampi. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and even in its present state it attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year. From the Lord Virupaksha temple to the Monolithic Ganesha to Lord Vishnu Temple , the Birth place of Lord Hanuman and the list goes on. Its a cultural and spiritual extravaganza.

Virupaksha Temple complex
Virupaksha Temple complex

Bouldering/Rock Climbing ~

Climbing session in progress
Climbing session in progress

Hampi is a bouldering paradise. The practically endless trails of boulder hills give a range of options based on your level. Thought it is not primarily known for climbing, Hampi has a number of places where the bouldering folks camp.  There is a shop in the man market which rents out climbing shoes, ropes , hooks, crash mats – all the gadgets that one would require for Rock Climbing.

The Bouldering Store
Get your climbing gear at this only gear rental- 

Take a Detour for stunning views~


Take a detour, unplanned turns can get you to great view spots. Witness amazing sunsets  great camping spots or an oasis like this one!

Meet travellers and locals~

Meet some amazing people doing dope stuff . Like this one here, we had a good conversation around – Art and Vandalism!

Getting Around ~

Coriacal’s can be found at ample places

There are many options by which one could get around the place. Most places in Hampi do not allow motorised vehicles within their site. Hence a bicycle or a two wheeler is recommended. And if you are short on time hire a cab to get around but theres nothing like walking/cycling/biking around a place if you want to truly indulge. One can rent a bike from Rs. 150-500 per day.

Featured in this picture are the coriacal(local lingo). One can take a solo ride or a tandem! 

Transit Distances ~

Hospet to Hampi – 13 Kms approx – Takes a journey time of 20 min approx. Hospet is the nearest junction to Hampi and the main transit point. The nearest railway station, bus station is in Hospet. 

The nearest airport is a 143 Km away which is in Hubli.

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