Gift yourself Solo Travels- this Valentines!

In the quiet you hear the noises within; why traveling solo is aligned with the nature

Stagnation begins in the realm of comfort. It is only the absence of the same that ensues a path for a change & in search of motion you find change. Travelling solo is just that. It is a beginning of the change, within and without.

The fact is that solo travel sets the individual on the trail of self discovery, as he finds himself ushered in the unexpected and unforeseen forays of this journey and make no mistakes, there is every possibility of him desiring to have a repeat! Bravo!

Solo traveling is yet to catch the fancy of many, at least in India and remains a vastly unexplored part of today’s travel culture. This could be due to the popular belief that human beings cannot survive in isolation! Sure but aren’t we constantly striving to break free from the mundane, the ordinary, to feel liberated, to be with the self and why not? After all, our existential truth is ‘the self’, is it not?

Folks, travelling solo is definitely worth giving the experience. Ask those brave souls who have already taken the plunge and the answer would be an emphatic yes! Hope this settles the issue.

However, apprehensions that come with taking a solo plunge are quite understandable. So let me guess what is ticking your mind eh. Is it the fear of being lonely? Well maybe, but every solo traveler I know, says that it’s far from being lonely on solo travels. Rather you feel more connected and open than ever. Being unsafe? Mother nature beckons and protects, does not harm. To add to that if you maintain street-smart behavior, you will be much secure. Being bored? Highly improbable as you will be busy exploring, experiencing & connecting. What else? Scared of running out of dough? Proper budgeting and bookings done in advance takes care of that, unless you intend to shop till you drop even on a vacation! Now this is terminal unless it turns funny when you see the ladies rushing for the shawl shops and the men biting into hot samosas while sipping on fragrant tea, completely oblivious to their awe inspiring surroundings.

Coming back to our subject , if some doubts still cast a shadow on your plans, let me share my own experience. I had my reservations before taking my first solo trip. After a lot of pacing back & forth & motivational speeches from fellow travelers, I did finally go & I am pleased to share with  you that “DRUM-ROLL” feeling,travelling solo is beautifully refreshing and uplifting.You experience an innate sense of peace. As you dust your dreams to a shine- you stumble upon a brand new self, in complete harmony with the serene surroundings, more confident and relaxed, brimming with renewed energy and zest; and who knows more surprises could be awaiting you, in the form of some valuable friendships which you strike during your solo journey! If nothing else, solo travel will enable you, for those few days at-least, to do or not to do as you please, which is luxury in itself, isn’t it?

So come-on, take the risk. Pick one destination and do your research. Be well equipped with bookings, road maps, travel applications on your phone; parasols, thermals, raincoats, extra woolens if need be, sunglasses etc. Update your medical kit, get you own food and drinks; extra care in dealing with strangers goes a long way in ensuring your safety. If traveling by road- your vehicle should be in the best condition and lastly- please give your mobile a shutdown, give yourself a break, quite literally. Your frayed nerves will thank you.

Hopefully more of us will embark on this amazing path in the future & bring back endless stories, which we all would love to hear, share and savor. Happy travels.

In our next write-up on Solo Travel, we promise to show you some of the best places to travel solo and travel well.


  1. Kia Jade

    Wow, you write beautifully. What a great way to inspire others to take a leap and go for it! As someone who has randomly booked my flights to go on my first solo adventure abroad, I’m quite honestly very nervous. Excited, yet nervous. Reading this has given me a lot more courage and inspiration when I needed it. Thank you and happy travels!

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