The Literary Grandeur – Jaipur

The pink city, Jaipur, is well known as an epitome of heritage and royalty. From the grandeur of its palaces and forts, enchanting handicrafts and jewelers, to the excitement of the puppet shows, we have every reason to be mesmerized by the place. Adding to this experience, this city is also home to Asia’s largest Literary Festival – popularly known as the Jaipur Literature Festival.

Since its inception in 2006, the festival has attracted award-winning authors, celebrities, journalists, poets, creative writers, curators and art critics. How can we forget the queen of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey making an appearance at the same festival last year?

In the first year, the festival welcomed 18 writers and a crowd of 100 attendees. Since then, the importance and popularity of the festival has increased and the list of attendees is touching quarter of a million. With the current globalization, the importance of literature is widely recognized in building new ideas hence strengthening the foundation of our societies. The goal of the festival is to showcase Indian writing to the world and to bring the greatest writers in the world to India. This festival has successfully positioned India on the map of world literature and continues to attract the new talent from across the globe.

This year’s program kicked off on January, 21st at the Diggi Palace Hotel and spans over the next 4 days. This 200 year old Haveli offers a perfect setting with its beautiful courtyards and blue painted walls.

With 234 speakers and 117 musicians, this festival is a celebration of cultural exchange. China born British author, Jung Chang (author of the bestseller, Wild Swans) and former President, APJ Abdul Kalam will take the stage as the main speakers at the festival.  APJ Abdul Kalam will share his vision of India and the crucial issues that the country is facing. Famous actor, Naseerudin Shah will shed some light on his autobiography ‘And Then One Day’ whereas Vishal Bhardwaj will touch upon the Shakespearean deconstruction via his film, Haider in the Indian context.

So whether you like to read for pleasure, to build experience or to dive in deeper in the histories of your culture, this is YOUR place to be! Whatever be your poison, the liquid poetry, the existential prose or a simple short story, Jaipur Literature fest is a ones stop shop for anyone’s intellectual indulgences.




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